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For nearly two and a half decades, Access Training has offered first-rate compliance courses for remodeling contractors; painters; plumbers; carpenters; commercial and home renovation companies;  and disaster recovery and reconstruction specialists looking to upgrade their skills or deepen their knowledge in areas such as asbestos management, mold remediation, EPA lead dust sampling and lead abatement. Our goal is to provide exceptional training and superior customer service whether people learn in our classrooms or online. Although the bulk of our courses are still offered in the classroom, we have initiated over 100 online certificate programs in OSHA safety, outreach, and hazardous waste operations.  Please take a look at a sampling of our course offerings.

Courses and Programs

Asbestos Supervisor Refresher

The asbestos contractor/supervisor course is helpful for people involved in or supervising those entering an asbestos abatement work area. As the OSHA competent individual for the work site, this person must also adhere to current EPA and OSHA regulations. Furthermore, an asbestos supervisor must have completed this training, and always have a valid supervisor certificate with them while working on qualifying projects.  For this reason, this workshop includes thorough hands-on training and practical discussions from our experienced instructors regarding safe work practices, asbestos exposure, federal and state regulations and insurance liability. Additionally, this course is approved by the EPA and other states to meet the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 (AHERA) and ASHARA accreditation requirements.  

Lead Abatement Supervisor Refresher

Contractors who plan or oversee lead-based paint projects must maintain their accreditation as a Lead Abatement Supervisor. While a certified supervisor can perform all the duties of a worker, he is also responsible for writing the abatement plan and for occupant lead safety during the abatement process. Therefore, this course involves a complete review of all lead abatement and regulatory guidelines for individuals involved in lead abatement. Our expert instructors cover topics such as waste disposal, lead abatement techniques, health effects of lead exposure, worker protection and safety and cleanup.

EPA Lead Dust Sampling Tech Certification

During renovations of older housing, lead paint dust can result from dealing with lead-based paint. In these situations, a dust sampling technician can determine if a building is safe for re-occupancy. Our certification course covers the proper lead dust cleaning procedures and enables students to get their EPA Dust Sampling Technician certification. It is perfect for remodelers who need to perform clearance tests following renovation projects.

Hazardous Waste Operations

This course is geared to workers involved in hazardous waste removal or anything which could expose them to hazardous materials and health hazards at a regulated at a hazardous waste site. This course covers critical areas of operation such as the cleanup required by a government office, corrective actions at controlled sites and emergency responses to threats of hazardous substance release.

Within this advanced level seminar, our knowledgeable instructors combine classroom exercises and hands-on training along a range of topics including emergency response and first aid, health hazards, handling chemicals and toxicology, site control and decontamination among others.  

OSHA Construction Industry

In spite of efforts to improve worker safety, construction work remains one of the most dangerous professions. Our high-quality OSHA training program instructs workers in the standards set forth in the Occupational Safety and Health Act, which was enacted to guarantee on-the-job health and safety conditions. Taught by OSHA authorized trainers, this course applies OSHA standards specifically to the construction industry. Because this safety course is required by many federal and state jurisdictions to work on construction sites, students receive a certificate upon completion of the course. The goal is to help entry-level construction workers improve their safety awareness and to reduce risk and industrial hazards on construction sites. In an effort to help businesses comply with OSHA audit during COVID-19 we offer new seminars for COVID-19 OSHA Audit Preparedness.  

Mold Remediation

In addition to teaching students about EPA mold remediation guidelines, this workshop also covers mold inspections, sampling techniques and post remediation activities.  Because mold can grow on almost any interior or exterior surface, many construction projects require professional mold remediation to remove mold growth and eliminate the moisture source. Our workshop prepares remodeling contractors, building owners, health and safety professionals, building inspectors and anyone who may be responsible for mediating indoor air quality issues to handle mold and mildew problems. This course is designed specifically for students to get their certification in mold remediation.

New COVID-19 OSHA's Plan for Audits

OSHA is preparing for audits following complaints, illnesses, and fatalities resulting from COVID-19. We now offer Audit Preparedness Training for workplaces in New Jersey. The course will review a minimum of ten applicable and related OSHA regulations.


Coverage Areas

Access Training Services offers regulatory compliance training programs to residential and commercial contractors, remodelers, construction workers and other industry professionals in the greater Philadelphia area and the following counties in southern New Jersey: Camden, Burlington, Gloucester, Hunterdon, and Mercer. The school also serves industry professionals from New York, Delaware, and Maryland in addition to other countries.

As the founder and president of Access Training Services, Mark Schlager also travels to other states and countries to deliver on-location seminars for industry professionals seeking compliance training in their respective areas.

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Besides being a very relaxed atmosphere, the training was very helpful. Instructor was very informative and I took a lot away from this training.
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